Not What I Expected

Firstly, my auction site went under from lack of support(can't blame everyone). I still have the root site

Secondly, I was down at Wal-Mart yesterday(I live there now, don'tcha know) and was going to buy some more single booster packs from the topps 60s aniversary collection. Well, they were out. And so was the 2 upper deck boxes next to it. Seems there is an interest here at least for cards(which is good). Anyway, I walked away with 2 packs of card sleeves. I saw these cases as well and might get these instead of the flimsy harder cases I was buying from WM. These appear to protect the cards better then anything out there(wish I had known about these during my childhood lol).

Anyhow, that's it from my desk.
Sorry no pictures this post.


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