Lost the bid at the LAST possible minte on the Phil Ruzzuto card(I was so sure I had the bid on that! No matter, it's good to see that there are people that know who he was. Ending bid was something like 8,000 credits. Anyhow, got my eye on a 1955 Bowman Don Bollweg to slowly complete the 1955 Bowman set I sort of started last year(by started I mean someone sent me 2 cards from the set). Also, for those interested in seeing what Listia is and how it operates, go here. Listia uses credits instead of dollars(although you can buy credit with dollars but not the other way around) and many of the items on there are free shipping.

Site wise I spruced up the site with some things. I was told the follow button wasn't working so I removed it and put an e-mail follow instead(new posts will go direct to your email and it's 100% annamous). I also added a Trade List(cards I'm willing to part with to trade for whatever) and a Donation List(those that've donated cards to me over the years). Updated the Contact Me link so that it explains more about donating, trading and/or buying and added a site counter. To the best of my knowledge it's value is correct(I set it so it doesn't track my page views). Updated the Values tab of the spreadsheet so that instead of doing a total set analasis by year, it does a current price set analisis and and an analisis of where the collection currently stands(which is why the collection's only worth $303 currently instead of $14,000 lol). Otherwise it's been pretty quiet.

Found out the wife's Liukimia has returned. Doctors are talking about more rounds of chemo but I'm against it because if she does, it will kill her and I'll be damned if I let that happen so I've been staying up late with her while she rolls into a ball and vomits every few hours. Try to keep her as comfy as possible. It may get to a point where the collection will have to be put on hold again so that I might take care of my wife but until then, UPDATES!!!

Keep the cards rollin,

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