Put a request out on my twitter that I'm looking for cards to be donated to expand the collection as I really would like this to be a community project instead of one person's conquest but most are either like me and want to hold on to whatever cards they do have in case the market ever really does turn around, are trying to introduce baseball cards to the next generation of collectors, or see that there are still collectors out there and want to milk em for all they have. Now, I'm not saying I want your Honus Wagner or anything like that but I would like to be able to complete the sets I do have.

Right now the collection is 1970s to present, minor and major league baseball. Because this is a collection for the sake of collecting, it won't be sold for any reason(so even if I somehow managed to get ahold of a Honus Wagner, I'd never sell it). I've been doing this since 1989 and for me it's completing the collections and someday being able to have every single baseball card in existance. Many I've spoken to say it's a worth of money and that I'm silly for even collecting for the sake of collecting but others do it with Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, vehicles, etc... This is also one of the reasons why I created a blogger account and set up these pages so I could share with the world what's in the collection and others could add to it to expand it. I usually receive cards from relatives or friends but they don't collect anymore so no one saves anything for me anymore.

Regarding this move to TN. Back in February I lost my job as a Wal-Mart employee following back pains from a previous back injury that never corrected itself which has put financial strain on my wife who's on SSI. I'm not asking for a pity party, I'm just stating what the move to TN is about since I posted a brief message about it the other day. The wife and I will be moving in with some friends and I have some family in that area of TN so that will help also. At my parents place is a box of 80s cards. Their all 80s and they cover alot of companies, players, etc..

This move to TN will allow me to have dedicated space for the cards and my eventual plans is to either build or purchase a card catalog cabinet so that each drawer can hold a complete 792-card collection. I'll also eventual double-sleeve all the cards I have(soft sleeve inside a hard sleeve) to make handling easier. I have all these ideas in my head of what to do but their unachievable for some reason. Then again I also wish I had more of a following on here but I understand why - baseball cards will never be able to compete in the market when you have umpteen pokemon, yu-gi-oh, and magic cards everywhere. I'd go football or basketball but those are sports I could never get into thus I would never collect their cards.

Sorry for ranting, was'nt what I was planning on for this post but there it is.
Stay Frosty,

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