Morning everyone, just a quick note that I'm still here, this project is still going on, and we(the wife and I) would like to wish everyone who visits a Merry Christmas. I know the message is quick and to the point however once Christmas and New Years is over, hopefully everything will be back on track and my want lists will be posted.

     I did hear a bit of noise this past week from some of the local sport card shop guys that card values may be going up in 2016 due to Kansas City and the Mets doing what they do best. They predict both teams will be highly looked at as their the two that are responsible for gaining new interest in baseball(which is always a plus) in 2015. Rise in values is a good thing but those don't matter to the project as it's a non-profit project put together to complete the collections and try and preserve baseball cards as a whole.

     I get asked alot by people why I do what I do when all they are, are pieces of cardboard. That might be so but to me they hold a deeper meaning. Their a link to my childhood back to a time from my point of view things were simpler. True we had just came out of Vietnam and President Johnson resigned before he could be impeached, but things were simpler for the most part. There was no government bailouts or countries finding each other offensive or Americans suing each other over stupid stuff(french fries? really?). Then again there was no internet really back then either(it was all dial-up). Fibre-optics was around but was strictly business intranets only, the general public had no access to that. The point is whenever I check my email and see shootings going on in Los Angelas or Trump offending someone(both not new), I log out of gmail, break out the walkman, open google sheets, and log cards. It helps me forget how messed up this country is in 2015 and how much more messed up it'll be in 2016. Even as I'm writing this I'm listening to New Kids on the Block Christmas tape while trying really hard to remember what Christmas means to me as being a product of the rebelious generation instead of harping on facebook about happend this past week in California. Most call me old fashioned while others say I have a mental illness if I believe and think that way. I usually nod and say thank you for the compliment.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year,
Matthew Vacanti aka: The Card Collector

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