Price Guide

After looking at several websites and there being no consistency in pricing, I present this price guide. If anyone diagrees with it, well... there's the door. If anyone finds this guide useful, let me know.

Price Guide - Last Updated 3/11/2018

89¢ for poor
+10¢ for Fair/Excelent
+20¢ for Near Mint
+30¢ for Mint

+$5 for Super Rare
+$3 for Rare
+$1 for Uncommon
+0 for Common
-20¢ for Very Common
-30¢ for Super Common

+10¢ per year except the current year

+0.10 for extra set(ie: Stadium Club) & Checklist
+0.30 for Leaders/League Leaders, Draft Picks, & Managers
+0.40 for MFGR out of business, rookies
+0 for card company
+$10 for grade(PSA, etc..)
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