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Price Guide

I've decided to put this price guide into practice and if anyone disagrees with it, that's on them. If anyone finds the guide usefull, please let me know.

Price Guide - Last Updated 4/15/2016

89¢ for poor
+10¢ for Fair/Excelent
+20¢ for Near Mint
+30¢ for Mint

+$5 for Super Rare
+$3 for Rare
+$1 for Uncommon
+0 for Common
-20¢ for Very Common
-30¢ for Super Common

+10¢ per year except the current year

+0.10 for extra set(ie: Stadium Club) & Checklist
+0.30 for Leaders/League Leaders, Draft Picks, & Managers
+0.40 for MFGR out of business, rookies
+0 for card company
+$10 for grade(PSA, etc..)

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