Wants Page

Afternoon everyone, the wants page is back and is full! It will continue to grow as I finish up the rest of these cards. We're sitting at just over 1500 cards total in the collection(1539 to be exact) including doubles, tripples, etc... Remember if you have cards or know of someone who has cards no one wants or is going to throw away, please get in contact with me and send em my way. I'd rather have them in the collection then at the bottom of the garbage can. Take care, Matt
Hey everyone, just a small update that since I'm having issues with listing cards i'm after in the google sheet, i'm going back to listing them how I had them before so I'll be creating a want list here in a few. Contact me page is up also, and was thinking of expanding collecting cards to international cards since just about every country's heard or participated in Baseball. Thanks again to all who visit, Matt

Site Change

Morning everyone, just a short update that we've updated the layout. The previous layout(which I loved) had broken images and was a mess code wise. While this one is anime themed, it's cleaner code wise and I like the general layout. For the time being all links except the Contact tab operate. The Contact tab will have a contact form so visitors can contact me or donate cards, money, btc, etc... so stay tuned! -Matt

2018 Update

Wow, last word from me was back in August >.< granted things have been at a crawl as I've been trying to focus all of my energy on getting the list done to see what I have and what I need, and taking care of my wife as she's been in and out of the hospital since last update. Speaking of, I went back and deleted ALL of my old google sheets that had cards on em and started over. I did it for several reasons and the main one was to try a different way of sorting. Since the majority of my cards are loose, I set them up in counts of 60(doubles included), record them, and pack them in aluminum foil for protection(this should also help to keep the cards from fading). Ya know, when I took on this last large batch of cards I didn't forsee spending the next year sorting them tbh, but anyhow - here's the permanant google sheet for these now.


The first tab is an overview. This lists the stacks i've gone through and the number of cards i've processed. Tabs A-Z are the stacks themselves, numbered 1-10. If the stacks reaches Z10, I'll start over with A11-20. The last tab is the sets tab. These list the card sets and wither I have any from those sets or not. Normal black means I don't have it, normal red means I do have it, bold red is a double, bold gray is 2 doubles, bold blue is 3 doubles, and bold purple is 4 doubles. I appreciate everyone that visits here still as the collector's very much alive and going, just handling other things at the same time lol. Take care and be safe, Matt
Evening everyone, still alive and kicking and so is the blog. This blog is still unfortunately in the stages of being redone to list what's in the collection and what we're looking for, though we're always accepting of cards no matter the condition or year. The goal's still to complete all the collections. Anyone catch the Mets game last season? Almost to the World Series. Here's to hoping they get there this next season! -Matt


Evening everyone, have some updates to share. First and foremost I've gotten ahold of the latest beckett price guide from my local library and the way they price their cards makes more sense then the way i have so I've gone ahead and removed that tab from the site. Secondly regarding the card catalog idea i'd posted about. I've decided i'm going to go ahead and build it out of balsa wood so it's light but strong, that way the only thing i'd need to get are toploaders, so I'm giving a callout on here and i'll be giving a callout on freecycle for toploaders and balsa wood. Those that sent materials will be added to the thanks tab. -Matt

The Father In Law Surprise

Wow... just wow. I think the father-in-law's caught on to what I do because an oddly shaped box came in the mail yesterday and he handed me the box saying Here. Inside were 400 1988 Topps cards! Granted it filled in alot of the gap but didn't complete the set.

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