Episodes 5-7 of YouTube Series

Episode 7 was posted just a few minutes ago and for some reason thought 5 & 6 were listed on here but apparently were not, so lumping them together in one post. Episode 5: part one of a unboxing video of 2018 Topps cards.Enjoy!

Episode 6: part two of a unboxing video of 2018 Topps cards. Enjoy!

Episode 7: update on what I've been up to and continued talk about a booster pack giveaway. Enjoy!

Episode 4 of YouTube Series

Episode 4 is up and will be the last episode before I break for two weeks to help my parents move to AZ. I'll see everyone then. Enjoy!

YouTube Series

Morning everyone, as an update trying this on YouTube now since Twitch bombed. When a new video is made, I'll post it here. I see this also as a way to go thorugh the cards as it creates a drive to finish.


Evening everyone, just a quick note that at the suggestion of a friend, I'm going to start live streaming sorting the cards on Twitch using Twitch's IRL category. I put up a test video and the results were positive so it's a step. I'm going to try to do streams Mon-Wed around Midnight EST(9pm PST), and try to do at least an hour stream starting the 11th. I'll put a heading here on the site so no one will have to go to Twitch and attempt to find me on there. I see this as an opportunity to interact with folks.
Updated the wants list and we're sitting at 1,657 cards processed. There's still a giant box, a regular card box, and two large flat rate boxes to go through plus some scattered about in a box. Almost to the end of counting lol. -Matt
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