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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Evening everyone, still alive and kicking and so is the blog. This blog is still unfortunately in the stages of being redone to list what's in the collection and what we're looking for, though we're always accepting of cards no matter the condition or year. The goal's still to complete all the collections. Anyone catch the Mets game last season? Almost to the World Series. Here's to hoping they get there this next season! -Matt

Monday, October 17, 2016


Evening everyone, have some updates to share. First and foremost I've gotten ahold of the latest beckett price guide from my local library and the way they price their cards makes more sense then the way i have so I've gone ahead and removed that tab from the site. Secondly regarding the card catalog idea i'd posted about. I've decided i'm going to go ahead and build it out of balsa wood so it's light but strong, that way the only thing i'd need to get are toploaders, so I'm giving a callout on here and i'll be giving a callout on freecycle for toploaders and balsa wood. Those that sent materials will be added to the thanks tab. -Matt

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Father In Law Surprise

Wow... just wow. I think the father-in-law's caught on to what I do because an oddly shaped box came in the mail yesterday and he handed me the box saying Here. Inside were 400 1988 Topps cards! Granted it filled in alot of the gap but didn't complete the set.

Friday, April 15, 2016


     Morning everyone, Card Collector Matt here with some news. Firstly some of you who follow the blog have emailed me to check to make sure we're still here and we are. Updates have been slow due to some kind of project going on HOWEVER the wife and I have processed a total of 1184 cards so far. This is made up of 504 mint, 624 near mint, 55 excellent, 1 poor, and 16 doubles. There's still another box to go but that box is more organized so should be done counting them all soon. Secondly, to those that come here thinking we'll buy cards at a ridiculously high rate, look elsewhere. The Card Collector is a 100% non-profit gig and don't appreciate people disregarding it for one reason or another.

     Was browsing the net last week and an article in Sports Illustrated kind of confirmed it, but it looks like the market's starting to pick up(slowly, but good news is good news, right?) I do want to state though that values are only picking up on cards made from 200 forward and 1975 backward leaving a good chunk of mass-produced 80s and 90s cards worthless. I was talking to one of the locals about this yesterday and we agreed that if suddenly millions of 80s/90s cards disappeared, then they'd be worth money again but that'd take a HUGE effort not everyone would be for. I get it - let me complete my collections then deep six the rest lol. Also effective immediately I won't be selling any extras no matter how many I have or how much you want/need it. You want/need a card I have that's an extra? Trade me for it. I've always been a huge promoter of bartering.

As always if you have cards you don't want or need anymore, instead of throwing them out in the garbage, send them to me so they can become a part of the collection. For doing so I'll put your name on the special thanks page as my way of saying thank you.

That's it for now, thanks for checking us out
-Matt & Sage

Sunday, December 27, 2015


     Evening everyone, just a quick update that the wife and I sat down to count what I have(yes, she's technically part of this endevor also) and we've so far processed 304 cards since the last update totaling 661 cards. We've also found so far 4 more doubles since last update but I don't count them until a set is done so the cards that were doubles become non-doubles. There's still a one-gallon bag of cards to go through and a 12x5x36" box of cards to go through and then I'm done counting cards for a bit so I can bring in new cards to add to the collection.

     I've been thinking long and hard about ways of getting funding going to help purchase cards and I'm out of ideas. Yes alot of the cards came from Listia but that's a very niche marketplace and cards are starting to become scarce. I'd thought of putting up a paypal donation widget up but I didn't want visitors to think it was all about the money. All funds would go to buying more cards for the collection anyhow as I see huge lots going up on ebay.

     Once all the cards are done going through and cataloged, I'll be posting what cards I need to complete the sets as it was before. So far the only completed sets are the 1987 and 1989 Topps. Many are close but no gum. I'll also be attempting to contact the individual card companies and see if they can release any count details as I have a column on the spreadsheet for how many of that one card was released.

In the meantime, enjoy the week before New Years,
Matt aka The Card Collector

Friday, December 25, 2015


     Good Morning everyone, hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas... I received most of my presents early and they weren't baseball card related however, I was browsing around the net looking at articles pertaining to the market and such and came across an article by Cree Angi. Now, I thought I was alone in my understanding of what killed the card market, what brought it back for a while, then killed it again but Mrs. Angi's 2013 article summed it up perfectly. Her views on life, the card market, and baseball in general I find refreshing to read and agree with alot of her points(her articles are easy to read and don't confuse the reader or appear to be forced).

     In other news, I've processed 357 cards and have come across 8 doubles. There always seems to be some flaw I find in how I record the cards which makes me start the counting process over but this time is different. I have a semi-sealed box the cards go into once their counted and recorded to protect them(It'll also make it easier to complete the sets) as there are alot of loose cards. If I were to take a stab, I'd say there's at least 2000 plus cards in total. People still send me cards they don't want and lately I'm finding myself buying wax packs from Real Deal Dollar Store for $1 for 4. I'd buy up every card pack they have but I know I'd get a weird look from the wife.

Stay Frosty,

Saturday, December 19, 2015


     Morning everyone, just a quick note that I'm still here, this project is still going on, and we(the wife and I) would like to wish everyone who visits a Merry Christmas. I know the message is quick and to the point however once Christmas and New Years is over, hopefully everything will be back on track and my want lists will be posted.

     I did hear a bit of noise this past week from some of the local sport card shop guys that card values may be going up in 2016 due to Kansas City and the Mets doing what they do best. They predict both teams will be highly looked at as their the two that are responsible for gaining new interest in baseball(which is always a plus) in 2015. Rise in values is a good thing but those don't matter to the project as it's a non-profit project put together to complete the collections and try and preserve baseball cards as a whole.

     I get asked alot by people why I do what I do when all they are, are pieces of cardboard. That might be so but to me they hold a deeper meaning. Their a link to my childhood back to a time from my point of view things were simpler. True we had just came out of Vietnam and President Johnson resigned before he could be impeached, but things were simpler for the most part. There was no government bailouts or countries finding each other offensive or Americans suing each other over stupid stuff(french fries? really?). Then again there was no internet really back then either(it was all dial-up). Fibre-optics was around but was strictly business intranets only, the general public had no access to that. The point is whenever I check my email and see shootings going on in Los Angelas or Trump offending someone(both not new), I log out of gmail, break out the walkman, open google sheets, and log cards. It helps me forget how messed up this country is in 2015 and how much more messed up it'll be in 2016. Even as I'm writing this I'm listening to New Kids on the Block Christmas tape while trying really hard to remember what Christmas means to me as being a product of the rebelious generation instead of harping on facebook about happend this past week in California. Most call me old fashioned while others say I have a mental illness if I believe and think that way. I usually nod and say thank you for the compliment.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year,
Matthew Vacanti aka: The Card Collector