Update and Move

Hello everyone, I'm still here and so is the collection. It's packed away pending a move to TN in August as my dad's getting up there in age and hasn't been feeling well. He hasn't had a heart attack or stroke or anything, but I'm told he's come close a few times. With that in mind, once I get everything set up down there I'll get the lists updated as I've received some cards from Listia that haven't made it into the collection. Also parents have the rest of my 60/70/80s cards so there's the possibility of completing more sets now as that's what I'm all about: Completing the sets. I know there's a bunch of them but it's been the only tie to my childhood that hasn't been bought out or demolished.

Also for some off the wall reason if anyone has an XBox 360 and needs some parts like the case, faceplate, or CD Drive let me know and I can trade them for cards as I have some 360s still out that the motherboards are trashed on. I also still have that pack of hockey cards to trade if anyone wants them to trade for cards and have a pack of football cards somewhere I can trade. I'd attempt to trade the wife's collection of Pokemon cards but that would be my undoing.

Stay Frosty,

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