Hello everyone, as some may notice I've changed the layout a bit while I'm waiting for the first to come around. All our stuff is packed up and ready for the uhaul but I have left some of the card boxes out so I could go through them.

Back to the changes. On the right side under the counter is the new widget. It allows everyone to follow the blog by email or RSS curtesy of Feedburner. The widget also shows how many are following the blog via Facebook, Twitter, and Feedburner. Yes this means I have a dedicated Facebook for the blog. I don't have a dedicated Twitter yet as my personal twitter has all my furry, baseball, and GTA contacts on it and don't feel up to changing everything over.

This brings me to my next point. I've changed the Contact Me page around and have linked the collection and lists to I discovered this site after my last post and the site will allow me to buy, sell, and trade cards for either forum dollars or USD. I forsee this as a better avenue of getting cards for the collection.

I've also changed the About Me page to the Mission Statement page as this blog has become the main hub if you will of what I do in the world of baseball cards. The goal has now permanantly switched to archiving all the sets of cards from the 1800s to present. The blog/collection is also reiterating that it is 100% non-profit and will now work off card/fund donations. I'll still more then likely utilize Listia and to getting cards, but if anyone has a set or a bunch of cards lying around collecting dust, instead of tossing them into the trash, donate em here to the collection. Those that donate to/help The Collection will be listed on the new Special Thanks page.

I think that covers everything. I believe I'm taking the blog/collection into a positive direction as baseball cards are that magical link to america's past time. Back to a time when going to our first game was crisp and fresh and exciting; like opening presents on Christmas day or Birthdays or some other really happy memory.

Stay Frosty,

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