Hello everyone, letting everyone know we're still here and we didn't crash or die or anything. Sat down with the wife and we went through three boxes and a bag of cards and it looks like I almost have a complete set of 1990 Topps. This included the box of cards my parents didn't get the chance to send me when we were in NY. I'm also seriously considerin moving the lists and the card counts back over to here and post extras to the SCF to sell or trade for other cards.

Came close to winning a bid on a 1948 Topps Reggie Jackson on Listia the other day. Auction closed out at over 3,000 credits. I was all O.O

That's it from me for a bit, more then likely won't post lists till after all the cards are done(so another 5 boxes) before we know what's extra and what isn't. Keep those donations rolling, we're always accepting cards no matter the condition.


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