8/2013 Update

No I haven't abandoned this blog as someone asked me the other day, I've just had alot on my plate since the last post. Found out my partner's cancer has come out from hiding and no one up here want's to do anything about it so I've been spending alot of time with her as she goes through his boat ride. Cards wise I'm still working through that box I got that has the 1987 Topps cards in it - I've put together almost a third set and might auction it off either on ebay or listia when it's complete(of course private offers are always accepted).

Received an email from a viewer(didn't know I had any) who asked if my want lists are updated and they aren't - I need to get them done possibly sometime this week or next week. Still have a bunch of cards to go through besides that topps box. Also, I've changed the spreadsheet format at last half a dozen times to what's comfortable for me in getting the cards into the sheet as quickly as possible. The newst(and hopefully last) spreadsheet is here. Also still trying to get my other box cards from my parents place(their in TN, I'm in NY) that has most of my 70s and 80s cards in there(I think there's a few 60s not sure) and I'm always looking at deals of cards and card sets on listia(yeah it uses points but their more user friendly then ebay ever was).

I'll update posts and news as it comes - thanks to everyone that visits and follows the blog, I do apreciate it.

Remember to keep the cards rolling,

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