Have a couple of things to post about today - the first is I got most of the 1987 Topps box done. There's still a good 36 wrapped packs of 30 cards to go through. Started moving a set into a card box which will be available for sale on here before I go sell it on Listia or BitMit. I'll also accept trades on it for something once all 792 cards have been accounted for. I also got a twitter feed up and running here(its also linked at the top) so if anyone wishes to follow me, feel free. I won't just be posting stuff about the collection on there or baseball in general so you've been warned.

Collection wise I was in my local Wal-Mart today getting Dew and stuff for dinner when I saw they expanded their baseball card section(more then before). Cards take up 1/2 the display now while the other half is football, bsketball, pokemon, etc.. so I picked me up a pack of 12-2013 Topps. Rather, 11 actual cards and an ad card for some sort of Pog-shaped baseball thingys(as if Topps Attax wasn't bad enough last year). I have to give Michael Eisner props for trying, but no. Got home in time to catch the Mets vs Braves at Citi Field on SNY. 10th inning score should'nt've ever happened and that umpire shoulda been smacked across the face or dragged off the field or something - you just don't go around dismissing Mets managers on their home field! I think he made the call because the game went into overtime and wanted to get it over with. Was still a bad call.


What's left of the '87 Topps box.            2013 Topps jacket.

        The cards(12 in all).

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