Wife was feeling ok today so she helped me go through the rest of the 1987 Topps cards and omg are there alot of doubles o.O I still have a bit to filter to possibly complete a 2nd set but it doesn't look like there's 3 there like I thought. Also attended some thing on facebook put on by Beckett Media by their editor Chris Olds last Wednesday and won a tri-pack of 2013 O-Pee-Chee Hockey cards and since I don't collect hockey, I'll trade em for some 60s Topps or 50s Bowman(had these listed on Listia and no one bit). There's another one tonight at 9:30pm EST and every Wednesday at 9:30pm EST(hopefully I'll score some baseball cards this time). Wife came up with an idea on housing all my cards so their in their place and don't look like their all over the place. A card catalog type setup. It'll look clean and like they belong in the room rather some boxes over here or there that look messy. Using the free 3d program Sketchup, I went about building what I thought the thing should look like. First thing that popped into my head was the card catalogs from the New York City Library as seen in the opening scenes of Ghostbusters, so I went about and drew me a display that's 10 drawers heigh, 6 drawers wide, and sits on a thirty inch heigh stand(typical desk height).

As you can see from the images, the thing's going to be huge! The drawers are pull-out and are long enough to hold 792 cards in toploaders. Now to get the darn thing built lol.

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