Good Morning everyone, hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas... I received most of my presents early and they weren't baseball card related however, I was browsing around the net looking at articles pertaining to the market and such and came across an article by Cree Angi. Now, I thought I was alone in my understanding of what killed the card market, what brought it back for a while, then killed it again but Mrs. Angi's 2013 article summed it up perfectly. Her views on life, the card market, and baseball in general I find refreshing to read and agree with alot of her points(her articles are easy to read and don't confuse the reader or appear to be forced).

     In other news, I've processed 357 cards and have come across 8 doubles. There always seems to be some flaw I find in how I record the cards which makes me start the counting process over but this time is different. I have a semi-sealed box the cards go into once their counted and recorded to protect them(It'll also make it easier to complete the sets) as there are alot of loose cards. If I were to take a stab, I'd say there's at least 2000 plus cards in total. People still send me cards they don't want and lately I'm finding myself buying wax packs from Real Deal Dollar Store for $1 for 4. I'd buy up every card pack they have but I know I'd get a weird look from the wife.

Stay Frosty,

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