Evening everyone, just a quick update that the wife and I sat down to count what I have(yes, she's technically part of this endevor also) and we've so far processed 304 cards since the last update totaling 661 cards. We've also found so far 4 more doubles since last update but I don't count them until a set is done so the cards that were doubles become non-doubles. There's still a one-gallon bag of cards to go through and a 12x5x36" box of cards to go through and then I'm done counting cards for a bit so I can bring in new cards to add to the collection.

     I've been thinking long and hard about ways of getting funding going to help purchase cards and I'm out of ideas. Yes alot of the cards came from Listia but that's a very niche marketplace and cards are starting to become scarce. I'd thought of putting up a paypal donation widget up but I didn't want visitors to think it was all about the money. All funds would go to buying more cards for the collection anyhow as I see huge lots going up on ebay.

     Once all the cards are done going through and cataloged, I'll be posting what cards I need to complete the sets as it was before. So far the only completed sets are the 1987 and 1989 Topps. Many are close but no gum. I'll also be attempting to contact the individual card companies and see if they can release any count details as I have a column on the spreadsheet for how many of that one card was released.

In the meantime, enjoy the week before New Years,
Matt aka The Card Collector

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