Morning everyone, Card Collector Matt here with some news. Firstly some of you who follow the blog have emailed me to check to make sure we're still here and we are. Updates have been slow due to some kind of project going on HOWEVER the wife and I have processed a total of 1184 cards so far. This is made up of 504 mint, 624 near mint, 55 excellent, 1 poor, and 16 doubles. There's still another box to go but that box is more organized so should be done counting them all soon. Secondly, to those that come here thinking we'll buy cards at a ridiculously high rate, look elsewhere. The Card Collector is a 100% non-profit gig and don't appreciate people disregarding it for one reason or another.

     Was browsing the net last week and an article in Sports Illustrated kind of confirmed it, but it looks like the market's starting to pick up(slowly, but good news is good news, right?) I do want to state though that values are only picking up on cards made from 200 forward and 1975 backward leaving a good chunk of mass-produced 80s and 90s cards worthless. I was talking to one of the locals about this yesterday and we agreed that if suddenly millions of 80s/90s cards disappeared, then they'd be worth money again but that'd take a HUGE effort not everyone would be for. I get it - let me complete my collections then deep six the rest lol. Also effective immediately I won't be selling any extras no matter how many I have or how much you want/need it. You want/need a card I have that's an extra? Trade me for it. I've always been a huge promoter of bartering.

As always if you have cards you don't want or need anymore, instead of throwing them out in the garbage, send them to me so they can become a part of the collection. For doing so I'll put your name on the special thanks page as my way of saying thank you.

That's it for now, thanks for checking us out
-Matt & Sage

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